I have been drawing since Kindergarten but switched to painting in college after being seduced by the textures and vibrancy of oil paint. I love using oils to depict light and planes of the human face and body. Lucian Freud, Henri Matisse, and Claude Monet are my inspirations.

Email hannah [dot] c [dot] shaffer [at] gmail [dot] com for information about commissions. 

In progress

Forbidden Fruit  [Picnic in the Cloisters], oil on canvas

In Pursuit of Beer [VT Rail Trail],  oil on canvas

Galusha Farm, oil on canvas.


Dad with his whiskey jugs, oil on canvas

Drawing class exercise, chalk on paper

Self portrait with tallit, chalk on paper

Modern man with apple, oil on canvas

Memphis summer, oil on canvas

Butterfly garden, charcoal on paper

Portrait, chalk on paper

Pika, oil on canvas

Portrait, oil on canvas

Mural for Sukkah, acrylic on tarp

Lucien Freud shortly before he died, charcoal on paper

Portrait, chalk on paper

Figure study, oil on canvas

Newlyweds, oil on canvas

Reclining figure with chair, oil on canvas

Illustration for magazine article "Deficit Peacocks." chalk on paper

College roommates, oil on canvas

Forsyth Blvd., oil on canvas

Man with textbooks, oil on canvas

Lilly of Stanford, oil on canvas